Can someone help me with friend problems

Memphis come on man this is serious! Dude just talk to her let her no how u feel (if so) lol, and try to make things as they were. Just keep it cool and try not to be overpowering when u r asking her and all that.
I don't have enough info here to give you a complete explanation of what might be going on. How about a little more info that's not too invasive of your or her privacy.
dude, if you need some serioius help, you are going to have to provide more info man, just hating someone probably wont help that much. List why she may, what you did. stuff like that.
You should talk to a flesh and blood human about this, not an online forum. The fact that you even posted this makes me concerned.

Talk to one of your friends face to face, or one of her friends face to face about it. It's the only way you are going to work it out.
Did you ask her out? Girls and boys as friends.......will never work. I can provide you with some advice but i gotta have info, otherwise my answer is wait a while and see if she calms down. Plus, talk to your friends, her friends. Find out why and make amends.
ok she is my Ex and then i was talking to her and then all of a sudden i dont know what i said she just said dont ever talk to me again or anything. Now she wont talk to me or anything its wierd i dont know y tell me if u need more info
Save yourself some heartache and move on. If it was meant to be she would talk to you. You can't constantly worry about what you say being afraid that you might offend her. Just my 14 years of married life talking here. Also asking advice from a bunch of hardcore gamers isnt the right way to approach your problems. Ask relatives and friends.
yeah, girls are crazy, often they do things cuz people tell them its the right thing to do, or they get a weird idea in their head, but id say that just give it some time, maybe a couple months and i bet you guys will start talking again, it took my ex about a year before she finally called me back lol so i mean just move on and learn from your mistakes.....or hers
Thast what i thought and thats what she told me but she said she was lying AWWWW im sooo confused. Thanks for the help guys it helps but that doesnt help me that much i still dont get it :(
asking a guy for advice on girls is like asking an amish person to fix your computer. you're not gonna get far here bud, sorry
Depends on what you have done,

if you did something to her like beat up her boyfriend or anything ur out of luck till she cools down

if you yelled or said something behind her back, talk to her over msn for a while then phone then face to face talk.

anything else talk to her, ask what you did, if she replys "u know what u did" or something, just wait for her to cool down and then go ask her again...

Also, if you know any of her close friends ask them what they know, close friends will always know whats going on.

overall time will fix everything.
I didnt do anything and to answer a question back then i was with her for like 2 weeks becasue she thought she liked me but liked another guy and I cant tak to her she just wont tak back and its summer and i dont know were she lives sooooo am i screwed for the est of the summer?

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