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I just reinstalled my 1000 watt onkyo sound system for my room... I took it out for a while. But just installed it.. Omg i missed it soo much! The sound is soooo clean. I will try and post pics of it..

thats the amp
LoL that dosent compare to my truck... $5000 sound system 1 jl audio 13w7 its a 13" sub. All new speakers, and tweaters, plus second battery (yellow cap). And two amps 1 for sub onlt cause it is so powerful and 1 for speakers. the sub itself is 80 lbs...
here is a pic i got off web with all the speakers and the sub.. that is the speaker colors. and everything right there.

the one on very left is the sub... of course.. and the speaker directly on top of amp is the center front speaker. and two speakers on the floor to the right are the front speakers and the 3 on top are the 3 souround speakers.. making this 6.1 souround sound :)
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