Formal Apology - From the Kustom Kettle

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After yet another one of my server regulars has been banned, which results in my being informed each time, I would like to make a comment on this matter in public. The Kustom Kettle and her staff do not, and I repeat, DO NOT, as a general statement intentionally come to disrupt game-play on eGO servers.

Actions taken by those that have since been banned were the actions of individual users, and do not reflect the attitudes and maturity of our community as a whole. The Kustom Kettle continues to respect eGO, and several key members retain their Admin status with both communities. Please do not let the actions of a few people sour your thoughts on the entire group. Many of you have spent almost a year playing with us, and I hope this time will prevent many of you from jumping to conclusions.

That said, it has been made abundantly clear to my admin team that future inappropriate conduct here will not be tolerated, and will result in the immediate removal of their access rights.

I thank you all for understanding and as embarrassed as I am..... I apologize on behalf of my membership.


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Nicely said Spetz, I think most of us longer time eGO members hold no ill-will against KK and know most of the KK community to be some of the best role models for DoD players.


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Nope, I know many of the Kettle admins and play with them in tf2 sometimes. I have no problem with any of them and know if I did you would rip em a new one :)


Good call Spetz,
I really appretiate this,course I distance myself too,by 100%, from those kids,who has been banned here on eGO servers,as a result of their,obviously,immaturity as onlinegamers,respectivly,-=KA=- admins !



Ah I used to play on your servers from time to time way back, when I got tired of Caen for a day or so, was good then, Sure it hasn't changed just because of a player or two being disruptive


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Aw Spetz, you didn't have to go to all this trouble. The actions of a few individuals extremely seldom reflect the prevailing tone of an entire clan.

As far as I am concerned and to those who have known you, KK will always be "family" as long as you are in charge.
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