The coin of death

The never ending (or close to it) tale of the coin death. The coin of death is a migical coin (corny) that kills anyone it thats has it in their possesion. The death is said by the next poster, it may be funny and odd, or blatent and brutal.

Walking down the street I spot a mysterious shiny gold coin!! I pocket it and continue to stroll.

next post: While you were walking you decided to eat some peanuts. A flock of rabid pigeons comes and pecks you to death for the peanuts, and only eat 3. Witnessing this I examine your dead body and decide to see what your wallet has in it. Hey look a coin.

next next post: On your way home a drug crazed nazi holding a knife gives chase. You managed to avoid him but an old lady asks you to walk her across the street. When you get to the other side she pushes you in the street and yells, "Thats what you get from running away from my son!" a car not being able to see you runs you over. etc.........

every 5 posts after your death you are reserected and can be in the stroy again.
have fun and happy killing.

o yes i can alter the story in some manner....
I'll start. When digging in my back yard for the lost city of the mole men, my shovel clanked against something. Hey look a coin! Oooo its so pretty and shiny. I'll name you Freddy! Lets go inside Freddy.
you go on the computer and you get possessed killing your self and destroyin the world..the end!
this isn't the first time people have tried to stop my story on some other clans..... here goes i'll have to kill myself...

while on my rampage i see a cute fluffy kitten. its cute a cuddlyness distracts me for a second. "why hello there cute littly kittty." The kitten then starts to foam at he mouth and latches to my throat. I slowly bleed to death as I watch the coin fall out out of my hand beside me. The evil spirit leaves my body as i slowly die.

as you can see i can easily keep my story going....