im outty

this clan of yours isnt fit for me anymore. i see all these people joining WAAAY after me and are already eGOs. its really irritating to see all these people who arent even mature get promoted when they joined after me. nothing against you guys. congrats to all of you who have been promoted by the way. i guess i just didnt meet the standards of eGO to be promoted so im gonna just gonna go on independent. i had a great time with you guys, ill still be on the servers so ill see you guys there. goodbye everyone, until next time.
sigh and you wonder whay you wern't promoted. I have said it before and I will say it again we are looking for mature team players.
answer me this battlemoos eyou play at an internet cafe dont you. It is impossible to give you admin when you play there that was a big factor.
Sorry I didn't get to know you well battle moose :(

What I do know about you is you are a stand up guy.

1000 apologies. It's hard for me to keep up with everyone.
man! that is really too bad dude.. for only playing in a gaming cafe you should just chill with bein' an =(e)= it's not so bad.