Tonight's (6/30) Scrim info:


Forum Fiend
Alright guys, here's the deal for tonight:

This one is for fun, no swapping of tags tonight

It will take place on the AVA server - not necessarily avalanche the map though.

The password will be market

It will start at 11 pm est / 10 pm cst / 9 pm mst / 8 pm pst
It will last for approx. 1 hour.

Rules are the same as always in that sides will swap half way through the match.

***For the e's there is only room for 8 of you***
These slots will be first come first served, so if a person has been playing for 1 hour BEFORE the scrim starts, then they will have priority to play in the scrim. After the first 8, we can accommodate no more.

We cannot reserve slots for e's!

The map has yet to be decided.

PM me or Drunken Sailor, or simply post here with any questions or concerns.

I'll see you on the battlefield!
I don't think I could make it if I have to be there early to make it in, but I'll try. What happens if I get disconnected or need to stop playing?
only thing is that I think we haven't loaded the custom maps to our three servers yet. So they aren't available to us for scrims yet. This is something we are working on for the future.
I nominate Jagd for the map. Its a fair, balanced map with great opp's for teamwork.

sadly, I cant make the scrim, too late and too tired.

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