Gone on vacation!

Finally on a comp after our drive down from Washington State to San Diego! I'll be out for about 3 weeks. LuckyShot will be flying back so you guys should be seeing him on by next week. I'm gonna be getting my tan on by my parents pool so I'll see ya'all later!!
that great, nothing like southern california weather!!! im glad i live here and not in some b00nie town lolz, kill you l8rz,
My parents live in National City, SD...I'm here to spend time with family since I haven't been home for 2 years. We stopped by Disneyland on the way down and gonna have to take the kids to Sea World, Zoo and of course can't leave without hitting the beach!!
Hmmm, LadyLuck tanning in a bikini by a pool...I'm only 13 hours away... !dodge Huh? :? ...

:D see you when you get back Lucky Shot :D..... :? ...

Have fun with the weather Lady :) Congrats on the promo