tomorrows movie shooting


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well we had a pretty good day of shooting yesterday and today..but not many people showed up....people if we want this done we need more! ip is the password is It is at 12:00pm est, 11:00am cst, 10:00am mst, and 9:00am pst to 4:00 pm est, 3:00pm cst, 2:00pm mst, and 1:00pm pst. so please we need more people to come!
I was on but someone kept changing gravity and I crashed continuously. I had to restart my pc so eventually I just got miffed cos I was downloading somet :(
I'd be delighted to. When we go server, I first show everyone their roles, then we practise until it's perfect. Then I go spec and on console I type record name of demo.
Then we film the scene.
After that I go on and put on fraps (after we've done all shots) and I put on console playdemo name of demo
Then I press f9 for my fraps to film it (before that I take of HUD, etc on console) and press f9 when done.

That's the process.
I'm extremely retarded and random, maybe this will help in fillming.
You guys gonna be filming again? if so gimme some times.