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Hello guys,
When I started playing on the =(eGO)= servers I was playing under my bro's name Exodus. I was trying to think of a temporary name, and somebody mentioned Where's Waldo. Now, I need a permanent name.
Please post your ideas, dramatic, comedy, badass whatever comes to your mind.
It's your name you come up with one. Like Tommy once said:"How can you be unique if you don't have a unique name?"
I suggest this thread get locked.

Nobody can define YOUR identity. This is completly up to YOU. How can anyone else possibly come up with an name that fully encapsulates YOUR personality and portray the image that YOU want to portray in a server?

From what I understand your current name was given to you by someone else and you arnt happy with this so what would be different this time?

Just get your name sorted asap post it in the forums and keep it at that because if you get promoted it isnt really permitted to change after that.

your name should be personal and MAKE SURE that it is something you want to use for a while because u cant change it all the time, your new so its ok but ur name is how you build an identity with eGO and its how people get to know you
If I hadn't chosen Axx0n N, I would have chosen "Coffee." You can't go wrong with a simple name of something you like.

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