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well this past week the comp has been acting up...every time i log in i get this werid blue screen..just till recently we stopped using the system restore because it stoped now i can only do stuff in safe mode with networking and i cant play any games! can some one parents think it might be the registry
you will need to update your virus defitions and do a safeboot scan. I also have regisry cleaner works well.
i got the blue and white screen of death on my computer recently. The hard drive crashed and dies for no reason. Had to get a new hardrive and we never backed up our files so we lost a lot of stuff. Not me just some old essays and such.
Blue screens almost always seem to lead back to hardware or malware issues.

I like to give my PC a good cleaning when I start getitng strange lockups and problems. I also use a boot CD and do a virus and spyware scan.