Mr & Mrs Pink!

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Well i dunno know many of you know, or remember my old comrade Mr. Pink (Peter) back in the day. We used to play under the tag or {RD} along with Mr. Blonde.

Well the reason for his long absence is because he just got married this past Friday! I would like to announce Mr. and Mrs. Myrick!


Here we are, the Best Men...i know, the sexyness is un-denyable! My sexy look...yes...oh yea...

And yeah Blonde was there too (Ed) and hes been quite busy himself, marriage and a baby. Poor suckerrr....errr i mean, loveing father... !lol

Besides one little fact that i left the rings on top of petes car for over 20 mins in the parking lot, minutes before the wedding started x) , it was a great night. Peter has been my friend since we were little kids, and i consider him my brother. His wife is really cool, and im very excited about them and their life together...and hopefully in a couple mounths ween him back to dod...hopefully...
Hahaha! You left the rings on the car! Thats like an episode out of Friends :)

Its good to see Peter getting married. And what about Anthony? lol, the last of the Resivor Dogs.
Dude that rocks.

I played with Pink today, along with you orange, its good to see the old gang back in action
Actually that other Mr. Pink guy today is not peter. You think he would be playing after 1 week of his marriage? I barley seem him once a week now...oh how i miss him !sad
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