Hackin Accusations (2nd Posting)

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The Dualyist of Dualys
Since my first post got ever so rudely deleted without response I'll go ahead and post again in a shorter more simplified version since I dont feel like typing it again.

I was playing tonight in your lovely Donner server and there was a pubber who was screaming that I was hacking and eventually a new eG member pulled me out of game into spect to wrongfully accuse me of wall hacking. I would like the eGO members to take a proactive approach to teaching your new eG admins of properly spotting skill vs hacks, so this situation will not continue. I've been playing shooters for many many years and I have been playing in your servers for some time now without incident. I've come to think many of you as friends but this situation has put a sour taste in my mouth and I feel there should be steps taken to prevent these things from happening in the future.

Thanks again,
[9th.R] PFC.DuĪ»|ity

Please do not delete this again...
Hello Duality. If you have a problem with any admin of eGO pm a council member. If you don't know who the council members are just check the roster on the front page. Thank you for your concern and have fun in the eGO servers.
if ur post got deleted its not wise to repost it... pm one of the moderatores to find out why it got deleted... never repost what they deleted
As it was hinted before... If the first one was deleted, it was done for a reason. Instead of making another one, just send a message to a council member and let them know what happened
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