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I'd never game from night 'til sunrise. My dad wakes up at 4 am to go to work and if he found anyone playing games at that hour he'd likely smash a computer, console, or the cable box.
That would've been me 3 years ago. Now, if I'm up at night, I'm outside wearing me WW2-era-gas mask with a camera. I love the night time. It's so peaceful, just me and the shadows of hundreds of dead people. Plus it's a safe neighbourhood, so I can be out most all night.
lol sounds like me..i have to be careful cuz my mom/dad wakes up at 6:0..heh as soon as i hear the shower, run, duck under the desk, wait till he goes in kitchen, and BAZING into the bed...
Yeah, but I've tried to cut back staying up quite that late (early?) lately. I hate when I can't get to sleep because I'm thinking about what happened in the game, though.
uhh croutons that kinda creepy...and were did you get that gas mask?!
My great grandfather serviced plane engines in WW2. The mask is actually a navy mask, so I'm not totally sure why he would get it servicing a plane, but it's been in this house all my life. Same with a box of ammo for a Browning machine gun. Obviously, I don't mess with the ammo, but I had the mask restored [it was damn hard sucking out what was still in it, I believe it was the gas they used for training soldiers how to use the mask]

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