Happy Canada Day !!


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Happy Canada Day to any fellow Canadians that are in the clan.

It's our national day, much like your Independence Day. We all party hearty and have a lot of fun for the day, culminating in fireworks. I live in the capital city of Ottawa, and generally it is celebrated by a party on Parliament hill, downtown with a huge crowd, show, gigantic cake (everyone gets a slice) and fantastic fireworks.

Here's a few pics from last year:


....ah the beer will flow tonite !!!
im not caniadian but happycanada day for u:D americas Independence day is a few days away... light fireworks baby!!:p, or wut i used to do, shoot the shotgun in the air(on new years too), but i sold my shottie and my weapons, cuz i didnt need them no more, orange county is very beautiful place to live, not the part of LA i grew up in:D
what i good day to be a canadian (i'm not canadian)
Yup, free cake, booze, partying on a national scale......dang, it can't get any better than this!

In a few days, I'll be off to Ohio to celebrate Independence Day......gonna be sweet...two parties almost back to back!
wait ohio? where in ohio? cuz i live in ohio! if you go to cincinnati do not go to over-the-rhine. and what does canada have to be indepent from? france? (sorry if i dont know)

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