my bro

sorry guys, my bro is using my steam acc (i didnt know) so he has been bad? good? i don't know, he won't tell me, but one time i came on the comp, moved the mouse (screensaver) and it said "kicked bvy admin" can anybody please enlighten me? thanks
no, i probably wasnt afk, my bro LIVES on the comp, if he wold have been afk, he would have been on his msn,or something
oh, and he said something about swearing, dunno details
It is YOUR responsibility to let family, friends, neighbors, strangers, any body who plays on your account, that they know the rules of the server, and don't act like some jack*** because they feel they can. If your account gets banned or auto-kicked because of your brother, you can blame him for having to buy a new game, because it's final. Make sure he knows what he's doing, and make sure YOU know what he's doing so an incident like a ban won't happen for an ignorant sibling or friend.
my brother plays on my acct and uses a diff name and some eGo admins said it was fine, so i agree with tucknrole but anyways how old is ur brother.u could have a hidden camera and just video tape him while ur away idk think of something that'll let u be informed about ur brothers doing.
My friend plays on my account when ever he plays, he can't behave in RL, but I have got him behaving on our forums, so he mostly never answers.
heh, k ill put a camcorder looking at the screen (hidden) when he goes on DOD:S.....then as soon as he does something, BAM i jump out...good idea? or no
I GOT HIM!!! HE STARTED SWEARING HIS BUTT OFF (on RTR server) heh, i told him if he ever did it again i would rip out all of his teeth with rusty pliers WIHOUT ANAESTHETIC
ha im a genuis. lol i actually didnt think it would work.(talking to self) nice job julian! i would go with changing ur password into something u only know. that also might help.