FAVORITE weapon?

I like rifleman and support, when I'm sewer ratting I use support on either team, and when I'm up top I use rifleman, both teams of course. Preferable axis, but on AVA I usually pick us. For Donner it doesn't matter which team.
I like playing sniper/rocket whenever I get to have the weapon on axis/allies on Ava but I will play which ever other weapon is needed to help our team win.

On Donner/Kalt I usually like playing support only because I like to charge and try to cap flags whether I'm on the axis or allies.
Panzerschreck and on the rare occasions when I play Allies, bazooka. If they're unavailable, I'll go Support. I'll pick up a Thompson whenever I find one and I don't have a Rocket, though.
Ava - Spring / SKar98 , StG44 , and M1
Donner- Same as ava though might use thompson/mp40
Kalt - K98 , StG44 and mp40 , 30 cal good too
Allies: Thompson or Rocket
Axis: StG 44 or rocket

I use these weapons on all the maps, if im feeling lucky ill pick up a sniper rifle =P
Allies: B.A.R/Thompson
Axis: MP44/MP40/Kar98

Same here :D LOVE the Bar, i really wana buy a real one someday. :D
that would be my list...now if we could have a map where mysteriously all the snipers and mgs are gone....

Wouldn't it be lovely.....

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