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Well fellow students let's compare scores and how we did life long or this year or whatever. Post the scores you got. Don't be ashamed of those 2's or 1's... I HATE STATISTICS...lawl...
As for those who take IB tests instead. Take your Irritable Bowels to another thread. Jk. you can post your scores here.

Completed AP AM GOV POL 3 05/07
Completed AP AM HIST 4 05/06
Completed AP ENGL C/L 3 05/07
Completed AP ENGL LANG 3 05/06
Completed AP ENV SCI 3 05/06
Completed AP MATH AB 4 05/07
lol i didnt show up to the ap chem test... I knew id get a 2. My teacher was very nice but she wasn't that good at teaching.
4.0(all a's) since 4th grade(when it started) and dont say im a nerd because i nvr studied. i also got all a's since 4th grade without doing 1 hw assig. i get a a= on all tests and i didnt pay attention in class.(i played with a mini skateboard)
lol Blindsfell u play with a mini skateboard
I got all A's but not in the simplest class
I got a B in my cooking class lol

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