My brother almost fainted when I told him. He then scrambled over to the computer and started to download it. Soc is happy. As is biscuit. ^_^
[quote1183435171==(e)= Killerhobo ]
done ^^ playing it now, not as good as advertised...see what i mean when u get in

Ugh, crap. 34% and now wondering if it's worth staying up for.
guys dont waste your time with the filefront download, the community already have very active torrents going

I downloaded that and was getting no lowere thatn 400kbps and now more people are seeding i wud gess you could get 600+

As for the mod itself, its quite good and very reminand of red orchestra based on a steam engine as opposed to unreal. Will take a lot of time to get used to me thinks though
[quote1183466139==(e)= Killerhobo ]
well i get MAJOR lag, its fun to tk ppl tho, they cant slay u lol

played it for like 2 secs last seemed good.

Just a suggestion - We should wear the eGO or eG or e or whatever you are, so we can know who we are, just in case we run into eachother on the servers
Yeah, I don't even know if I will download or play it. Ethically....I dunno...I'm torn on playing a game trying to take a situation where people are still dying and making into something for entertainment...ya dig?

Plus I love DoD so I am happy with that still. :)

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