i finally reached my new death record, check it out
I know what it threw down your BAR and went for knife only kills. 107 knife and nade kills is legendary!!!!

I have days like that too....too many.
It takes skill to suck that much. :p

Hey...I resent that...Just think Bonham, if you try hard may almost suck as much as I do :p
why can have a 1:3 kd and help your team win the map. I hate the scoring done solely on the kd ratio. It rewards ppl for camping...which is why no one likes CS:S. You've been there before, everyone on the map is dead except for to master campers who let time run out before they move to find each other. Both of them have a 5:1 kd and are totally worthless to their team.

LOL. Cheers.

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