Stingray kills 'Crocodile Hunter'

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Indeed, he was a good guy. Although he might have liked it better that way than some accident in a car.
I was hanging out with Auzzies who had been to his Zoo many times before he became famous.

Now that I am a father I worry about his kids. He has at least two. It's a terrible thing. Kinda puts things in perspective.
Man, despite all the crazy stuff he's done over the years, I didn't expect him to be killed...just goes to show that celebrities are mortal too :mad:
yeah i use to love that guy as a kid.

On a goodnote atleast he died at what he liked to do as a living
Wow, so he survives playing with poisonous snakes, spiders, and scorpians, wrestling with crocodiles, and stuff like that, and he dies from a sting ray? Ironic, but I liked him, and I feel sorry for his family. At least he died doing what he liked most.
Well having your lungs decompress at that pressure, not to mention then flood with water, is more fatal than most animal injected toxins. Those you have time to treat.

He was a good guy who loved what he did. Its a shame to see a icon like that go, especially when he never let himself become Big Heded like many celebs.
:'( man...i just dont know what to sa, my gf told me this morning i didnt believe it at first because he's so crazy...but yea it sukcs really bad he was very awesome. how does his wife not know yet?
ya he was a cool dude kinda crazy but thats why everyone liked him. ppl loved watchin him do the crazy things we never woudl like wrestling crocs. i never coudl imagine him being killed tho he seemed immortal b/c of all the things he had done and never been killed. guess his time woudl end sooner or later. :(
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