[poll] DoD rated Mature?

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I hate to cause a fuss about this, but it's been bothering me for quiet awhile now.
I believe DoD is rated mature, now if a child's parents allows a kid to play Multiplayer Mature rated game, they should expect profanity and other mature thing.
I don't believe certain words should be uncensored, such as heavy profanity, but I think the admins could cool down about it a bit. I as an =e= member will take extra punishment for breaking rules. This is one of the only servers out there with no profanity allowed, and I am afraid every time I type, or say something on the mic, a word or 2 is going to slip.

Summary: It's not the clans responsibility, it's the parents for letting their kid play a "grown ups" game. Ease off a bit, minor profanity *Thumbs Up* but excessive or out of control profanity is a problem.

For example today somebody I know was talking about porn and got kicked, that's a fair kick, but saying words like sh!t every once in a while should not be a problem. For most kids Sh!t is a regular part of their vocabulary, and if this is not permitted by their parents, then they definitely aren't playing these games.

BTW: Please don't lock or delete this thread, I would like to see others opinions on this matter.

- Proud User of Profanity
If you don't mind I am going to list some words that I believe aren't inappropriate.

Sh!it, is a commonly used word of profanity, but is not something you should stress about.
Team, is vital for winning in DoD this should definitely be fixed.
That's it right off the top of my head, when i come up with more, I'll make sure to update this list.

Now allowing these word comes with a line of appropriate and inappropriate, every once in awhile is okay. Using one of these words excessively in one sentence over and over a certain amount of time deserves a warning, then kick. Using any kind of profanity in anger or towards another player in any offensive way, deserves a kick/ban.
*sigh* this is why he posted this thread, we were in donnor and leon and another player were talkin over mic, he said the word sh*t, and mentioned to him that wearing the e tag he should be more of an example he than apologized, few minutes after there were a couple of players typing out porn titles, i kicked the player who went as far as typing out a private part, then this convo came up right after i kicked the player
=(eG)= sugafree: wanna talk nonsence go chat somewhere else, stop the porn titles
[ACCUsers] STIMMT: kk,, sorry,, i wans't swearing,, im done
(Team) =(eG)= sugafree: that wasnt very funny at all, thats why he got kicked
(Dead) =(eG)= sugafree: just play the game
[ACCUsers] STIMMT: what porn?
=(eG)= sugafree: we just here to have fun and run a punk-free server
Babaluga: no punks is very good :)
=(e)= Leon: Tell you the truth I believe this game is rated M
=(eG)= sugafree: their servers their rules...and i agree with every1 of them, you should have read stickies
=(e)= Leon: If a childs parent allows a kid to play a game that's rate mature, they should epect profanity, etc...
=(eG)= sugafree: lets not get into this right now....post it in forums bro
I personally never saw your thing about me saying sh*t. I never apologized either. The convo on my side had nothing to do with what I had said. Like I said, it's been on my mind for a few days now.
what i'm gonna say is i totally agree with suga's words...

this game is m rated but its m rated because of the blood... and lets be realistic right now how many of the parents WONT do whatever the kid wants? they'll buy the game you play but YOU are the player so it is YOUR responsibility to be mature not their.
also as far i know porn sites are 18+ M rated is 17+ so its still a wrong behavior for the underage ppl...

and finally suga's words:
=(eG)= sugafree: their servers their rules...and i agree with every1 of them, you should have read stickies

<=====definitely agree...
kk leon I could care less what language people use. I truely appreciate the anti profanity filter and rules. The rule makes players think about what they say before they spout on the mic. This intensely reduces spam and keeps the server to game oriented talk. I will admit that nonsense gets on over the mic but really it does keep it quieter. The rule keeps trash talk to almost nothing. I take the profanity rule and the respect your fellow player rules together. Most of the profanities come in anger and players trash talk when they are angry. The profanity filter finally promotes a friendly inviting environment and community. Rudeness, racism, and bigotry are never allowed on the servers which means derogatory remarks and handles are never allowed. Everyone who plays enjoy the violent nature of the videogame (i cant word that nicer) but players online are a variable. There is a reason why our servers do so well. It is the friendly and inviting nature that keeps gameplay enjoyable for the majority of those playing.
"Sh!it, is a commonly used word of profanity, but is not something you should stress about."
These are the kind of comments that piss me off the most. I dont give a snickers bar whether somebody shot you or not. You comment on your death if you can help other players not die. Your KD is not special.
Players who like to spew one worders because they got an owwie and they arent helping anybody by saying "BULLSh!T" deserve a mute. Im generous enough to give mutes instead of kicks.
Leon, I hate to break it to you, but we don't base our server rules off of the game's ESRB rating. So there is no parallel there, to break down the maturity rules for you, I can put it simply. If you allow 11 and 12 year olds to curse, within 10 minutes the servers will be full of idiots running around arguing / threatening / cursing each other out. Not only will it get annoying in the in-game chat, but they will also spam voice comm, and player names.

We've worked too hard to allow any of the above to happen. Our community is based around these concepts, so unfortunately it's not something that is up for discussion / change.

As far as being a "proud profanity user", this I don't get. Any moron can curse. Try speaking with intelligence, this seperates the boys from the men.

I'm locking this, please pm me if you have further concerns, and I can point you to the right people to discuss them with.

//edit Upon second thought: Is it really that hard to not curse when you're in our server?
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