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omg that is the best movie i have seen in my problems... movie was flawless i want to see it over and over and over again. you should defenitaly go see it
One of the local news stations here said "seeing this movie is like seeing Metallica". Direct quote. So now I HAVE to see it.

I bet Barons' already seen it 10 times.
:( it's only July 3rd here. Or is my calendar wrong or something? WE WANT TRANSFORMERS. NOW. Oh, hey, does anyone know what the winner of that quote contest thing was? I hope it's "You're the man now dog!"
at the theater i work at we had showings at 8 last night. i watched it after hours and it was 100% BA. definately oscar worthy for action and special effects.
i haven't seem it but i really want to. i wanna wait a few days so the crowd dies down. i hate sittin next to the creepy guy that munches pop corn and laughs really loud at the wrong times and nudges you with his elbow. a very bad memory for me.
Based on the previews, I have a hard time believing that the Transformers movie could be anything but garbage. Ever since I first saw that the Transformers in the movie were going to look like they were made from an Erector set, I have had no desire to see this.
dont judge a movie until you go see it so SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i hate that

that was movie was Greatness , And yes i will see that movie again Friday that how great it was
i recomend that MOVIE to everyone who likes the transformers
Is was just a Instant classic
listen to baron not the haters! critics are wrong most of the time and this time they are! if you liked transformers then you will love this movie. and for the haters go away no one likes haters...ruin it for everyone
OMG can you guys read what your writing? Listen to Baron? You are actually trusting Barons opinion? Can we frame this thread and mount it on my wall?
yeah i heard the moive was great from a few of my friends, i plan on seeing it this weekend.. it should be a good one.
Possible Spoilers! Please read at your own peril!

The Cake is a Lie takes on Transformers.... and enjoyed it?
Stunning open action sequence (reminded me of Mech-warrior for some reason) followed by almost an hour of overly set-up comedic sequences and boring, cardboard cut-out character development. Seriously, the only decent human characters aren't introduced or have any actual lines until half way through the film. The last half of this film really gave me what I wanted. Rock-em Sock-em robots beating the ish out of each other and killing hundreds of innocent people with stunning visuals, fast-paced action, and the best CGI I have seen to date.

Military recruiters and Chevy must have dropped a bundle on this film, all the vehicles you see are top of the line military or brand-new chevy super cars. Great chase sequences abound, and nothing beats watching the best we have pounding the crap out of robots. If you are a military or car buff, please shut your mind of in this film, or you will have a spaz attack at all the little inaccuracies. It's Michael Bay, he takes a lot of liberties, Just watch "Pearl Harbor" and see what I mean.

If you were a fan of 80's cartoon, say goodbye to the campy nature of those classics. The films dialogue did remind me of the comic book nature of the subject matter, but everything else is pure modern cinema.

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