*Shadow Caught with Downloaded skills* Someone Deleted my Topic

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Shadow's Back

I made one post
HEY! I have done nothing wrong yet you delete my topic? Man this clan is still corrupt. Thats messed up. What happened to being mature? Instead of just deleting why don't you face the "problem"?
Shadow, I don't understand. You say this clan is "still corrupt"?

If it is "corrupt", then why are you here? If you say you haven't done anything wrong "yet"...then does that mean you will? ...and what is this "problem" that you refer to?

I've been here for a while and I haven't seen anything that could remotely be called "corruption".

You may be "back", but you're not the Shadow that I remember. He would have never used words like corruption where there was/is none.

If you are indeed Shadow, why would you want to rejoin a clan that you think is corrupt???

....and the big final question... you call us corrupt. Why should we trust you? I'm not attacking you, I just want to make sure you're not an impostor. We've had a few lately......and right now you don't sound like the "Shadow" from a few months ago.

Don't play the drama card and make it worse, post after post. If I were you, I'd continue the rest of this conversation via a PM. If this is a misunderstanding, it can be resolved. I would ease up on the corruption and messed up stuff if I were you.

I'm locking this thread to cool things down. Just PM and it can be worked out.
Can we dig up Shadow's hacking demo?

He's the only eGO member we have caught hacking and are proud to let the gaming world know that we ban guys like this.
Why have you come back if this clan is "corrupt" in your point of view? Anger or frustration? The demo explains it all, actions speak louder than words my friend. Sorry it had to be like this, but i believe Redshift is correct and you need to contact higher beings via PM. Take care
Happy now, shadow? We gave you a shot, you blew it. Now you come back, for some random reason, and you expect that we treat you as an "old friend". You brought this organization down with you when you hacked blatantly on our then new server.

Beyond that, this new attempt at "proving the existance of corruption" has instead proved how much of an ignorant person you really are.
If you have any issues, I'd like to step up and ask that you personally pm me to deal with it. I have no problem letting you know where this is all at.
How is it showing the client-side view?
I watched the demo and was wondering the same thing.
Kendle loaded detected hacks onto an isolated computer and ran the demo through them to record the video.
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