New Game Crossroad Sigs

I think I'm afraid Outbreak. :D

Thanks Wanderer. I'm working on a bunch of new sigs some of which include game based backgrounds and other that are just cool images.

Any comments or suggestion would be appreciated.

I think I have 25 up for comments right now. I made about 50, but removed some of them... saving them for a rainy day. :D
so how did you do that? how do you make it change when you refresh???
If you've noticed, the image is actually a PHP file that randomly generates one of the images that he has. You should ask him for the script. :p (of course, this would require more than just an image host. you'd need a server that supports PHP)
does photobucket or imageshack support php??

Hah, no. They are strictly image hosts. Running your own PHP scripts would mean having your own website with that capability. In addition, I can guarantee you that 95% of all "free" webhosts aren't going to give you much in the way of scripting access either. If you hold on for a while I may just write a sig generator for eGO with some random capability.
Thanks all. The script is php and is rather simple. We've been using it to rotate banners on websites for a few years now.

The advantage of using php vs. flash or animated gifs is that I can add or remove images from the rotation w/o having to remake/recompile the signature.

Most simple web hosting support php. If you rented from godaddy the script would work. Change the php image directory, upload it to the server, upload the images, edit your sig to use the php sig instead of the image file.

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