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I was banned form the website... I got back.. I was banned from server.. I have done NOTHING WRONG.. I will say this for ALL clan to hear.. LOGS will prove it.. I NEVER gave britney any admin. I DONT KNOW HOW. I was messing around with commands.. but the command i messed with i posted in ego council forum. I will be back on the forums if i am banned. You will not get rid of me until i get an answer.... WHY? What the hell did I do. I know kendle is behind this is someway or another... Do not edit this. I will show as many ego members this as i need to... I will get my answer.


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I just want this all to be sorted out soon. I don't know who do side with at this point but I havent seen any evidence to prove that Sushi actually did give Brit her admin back. Can we please get the logs?


Yes, In order to solve this, we need alot of logs... Maybe make a thread for it, lol.


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The council will deal with this. If I'm not mistaken, this entire matter has already been explained and dealt with in the class restricted forums. The general discussion forum isn't supposed to be the place for clan discussions.
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