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Hey Gang,

I went out to the range today to exercise my Constitutional rights in early celebration for America's Independence Day and came home dehydrated but happy. I figured I'll play some DoD to cool down and got myself all worked up over how terrible a shot I am in game.

Anybody else out there a recreational (or professional in the case of Military and Law Enforcement) shootist who has a hard time accepting the 'accuracy' in game? For that matter, does the lack of realism get to anybody else? Because it's set in WWII I'm adapting, but this is as close to Counter Strike as I can get without going into fits.

Anyway, I'm an FNG here and thought it was time to make a real post. Happy Fourth of July, America!

Mr. Clean
hey mr clean, im in the military, and im a small arms marksman(m-16 and m-9) and the accuracy in game just takes time, i mean its just a game so just go out there and have fun and if youre shootin bad, try a different gun or stratigy in the matter, see ya around
Thank you for your service, Sa0sin! I guess I just need to be more patient. I used to play America's Army a lot and the learning curve switching to DoD has been steep.
DoD:S isn't a straight-up aiming game like quake is. A lot of the game is gamesense, outsmarting people, and teamwork. That's why I like dod so much.
DoD:S isn't a straight-up aiming game like quake is. A lot of the game is gamesense, outsmarting people, and teamwork. That's why I like dod so much.

I agree, its not all about percision, and if you are worried about things like that, get a sniper or use a kar
Mr. Clean, its been and issue thats for sure however it has greatly improved and the aim box is a little more accurate imo. Its weird, don't even notice anymore for the most part.
AMEN! I mean it's such complete BS, I've been blessed with the oportunity to shoot many weapons, from .22lr to my .308 remington 700, to my FAL, the full Gamut of the ar platform (from the .308 armalites to a 10.5" select fire, suppressed) Mp5 (PDW, a2, and sd) the BEST support MG made (M240g) and more shotguns than you can shake a stick at. At the ranges in game, I can personally keep all 30 rounds in a man sized target with ease (shooting bursts, standing) and anything 25 yards and closer isn't even fair. Sub Machineguns like the thompson have EXCELENT accuracy in real life up to and a bit past 25 yards (never shot past that with them though) to the point that I feel after just one full magazine anyone who has shot before could keep all 30 rounds on target, and anyone who has shot FA before can easily keep them in a pie plate. As to the "support" weapons, I've fired .308 FA as well, and it's not near as controllable in long bursts as a 9mm, but come on, short bursts and semi auto are very doable out to 100 yards.

Of course you aren't even touching the most obviously agrivating point of the game: I have yet to hear of anyone taking a round in the chest (all of 40-50 dmg in game) and proceeding to function well. Let alone sprinting, running and gunning, and all the other BS that happens. It's a game, and to make the guns as accurate as they really are would mak it MUCH tougher, or they'd have to make the maps bigger, because sniping people at 25-30m is just plain dumb, yet aside form the k98 it's the only way to get 1 shot kills, and almost the only way to ensure you hit someone. (th k98 vs garand is a joke. the 30' 06 is an amazingly powerful cartridge, and both the 1903 and the garand used it. but yet the garand won't kill in 1 shot. Clearly the game has been watered down to make it playable. If people could use thompsons and get 1 shot kills from across the 30m map (as is possible in real life) it would turn the game upside down. So I just accept DOD:S for what it is: a game, meant for fun.

man you gots to work on your shooting, or my el-cheapo 700 SPS varmint .308 (cost me just under $500 new) is going to make you cry. I don't have the targets to prove it, but my last trip to the range I had four groups in a row, the largest at .52, the smallest at .46 inches. Of course I handload, but federal gold match is a primo load, your gun should be making one ragged hole at 100 yards with that stuff. (I'm currently shooting 42.5 gr. IMR 4064 behind a 168gr sierra matchking, with winchester brass, and a federal 210M primer.)
On a side note, how's that super sniper working for you? I've heard both good and bad about it. I'm using my leopold Vari-X III 18 power right now, but I've hit the poor house lately, and need a good scope on the cheap for a bolt action.
hey mr clean, im in the sexy business, and im a model and the strutting in shows just takes time, i mean its just a show so just go out there and have fun and if youre struttin bad, try a different outfit or stride on the catwalk, see you around
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LOL, good one Puppies!! I'm sure that a game weapon will never be as "realistic" as the real thing, but Spray and Pray works for me, unless the steam engine is buggy and makes the Tommy gun very unaccuarte.

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