i need cpr on my computer


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my compter right after having that screen with DELL on it immediatly turns black and has that white line blinking. i went into the options such as pressing F2 or F12 and i could not find what to do. i actually did it a couple of times. any suggestions?
Is there no way for you to get to dos... When my computer did crap like that it was cause my vid card blew up...
i dont know what dos is though. it just puts up the DELL(blue dell sign) screen loads up like 2 sec. but before it turns blank i press F2 then i get to the gray and blue screen. it may have blown up but my bro gets it working when it does that.and he's not here until like 2 months
thats not the right thing.

try hitting f2 again, or f8. you will come to a boot menu where it says

safe mode

safe mode with networking

last known good configuration

start windows normally

you can actually force windows to bring you to the boot menu. try resetting a few times in a row, like start your comp, wait 5 seconds hit reset, wait 5 seconds hit reset, and do it one more time and it should bring you to that menu.

if i were you i would choose "last known good configuration"
THANK THE INDIAN GUY FROM DELL TEHCNICAL SUPPORT! i couldnt understand 1/10 of his words but thats ok! my computer is bak and shes breathing(thinking w/e)

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