EGO Is My Life!
Just got a letter from Nicolee :)

She donated 20 bucks in cold hard cash to the clan :)

make sure you thank her in the server for keeping the lights on!
lol death if we finsh up our september sales we gonna be in october! OCTOBER! thats like 3 months ahead. thakns nicole. i cant do mine my moms wont let me.
[quote1183599724=Blue Cheese]
Your the man Nicolee

Correction Blue Cheese... She's the WOman
Thanks for lookin out for eGO nicoleeee
HAHA, thats embarassing. at least you dont know each other. i called a girl by her older sisters name yesterday and honestly thought she was her. ill send some more once i get settled into school and get a job there. two months max.
Im saving up right now for a new computer and to pay my friend back for some concert tickets, but after that ill be sure to send some money