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EGO Is My Life!
so heres eGO's new band members. all mebers report to music school(lol j/k)
master of puppets - bass
blindsfell - drums
vote 4 pedro - guitar
punch 2 face - piano

any singers interested plz try out with a recording here

wouldnt we make a great band?
yah sweet what song should we learn?

does anyone know how to record urself on the computer then we can record ourselfs and mix it together!
artimus is probably a better drummer, or even blue cheese. whatever, all i know is im lead vocals

our first single is "livin life on the Edge"
hehehe i can play piano, guitar, drums, and bass. I am extremely good at drums and bass though. piano is my best.
Play that funky music white boy! Hehehe. Cool. Good luck with that. Looking forward to hearing the first single on the radio. 8)
yea we definetly need more cowbell

Problem solved

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