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I made one post
Hey guys this is CrazyEyes i'm gona change my name from CrazyEyes to МαЈσЯ ΡαŶηΣ jist letting u all no that so i dont get accidently kciked and banned
Cool name, however I agree with Noyade lol. Actually I wish I knew how to type with those letters just for kicks...must be some font from another country :mad:
Man you people arent in touch with modern computers (jk)!
Asking how to type L׀kӘ ŦhiŞ?

Go to start
Go to programs
Go to accessories
Go to system tools
Go to Character map

Hope this helps all of you
[quote1157479410=Blazing Heat]
They look like russian or ukrainian language....dunno. Nice name though...hard to make, eh?

Heh, I read and write in both of those languages....I dont think it looks anything like that!
[quote1157483067=Lt. Waffle]
1 |)0/\/7 /\/33|) 4 c}-{4r473r /\/\4|> 70 7y|>3 1337...

I like the new name :D:D

WOOT Go Waffle, classic 1337 ftw ;)
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