[poll] What time zone are you in (updated!)


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Alright, please pick your time zone, as we are pooling some data for scrim purposes.

This time I have remembered to include Euro's, thanks to Corporal Punishment!

If you are in a time zone not listed, please post which one you are in, and how many hours either behind or ahead of GMT you are. For example, I'm in Eastern, so I'm GMT -5 hours.

//edit: Don't pick the blank option, for the love of everything that is holy, don't pick it!
Oregon FTW lol I personally advise to never come to oregon its soooooo boring in any part coast, central or eastern
West Coast here (otherwise known as Kommifornia... :p

haha, that reminds me of a friend i knew from insurgency mod. he called california kommiefornia because it has the strictest gun laws. Im also from CA, dang we have a lot of people from CA