My 4th of July


Obey your master
So I made a joke a few days ago about making smoke bombs with the back tire of my bike......... yeah, turns out it was my car making the smoke.

I'm driving down the highway going 65-70 and I'm the only car on the road. I'm in the left hand lane with a very wet grass median next to me and an open lane to my right. I look up and I see a mortar firework going INFRONT of my nose from an apartment complex on my left about 20 feet up in the air and 15 feet out in front of me (not going up in the air, it was going PARALLEL to the ground). The thing exploded right infront of me and of course, I freaked. I pulled the car hard left into the grass and lost the back end, got it back on to the highway (going sideways..... I mean this was a scene out of Tokyo Drift) and I got it back in control.

I'm PISSED at this point. There were some people on the side of the road that saw it all and they called the cops and so did I. The cops showed up, knocked on the door, AND DID NOTHING!!! Ugh. I was ready for a fight.
Don't you love the mental cases that creep out during holidays? We had quacks shooting fireworks at buildings and dry brush here. If you aren't familiar with the San Diego area, causing a fire is just about one of the worst things you can do here. Brush fires are nasty and spread quickly enough to cause disasters like we saw a few years back.
i know what u mean dom, so cali in the summer, expecially the dry season we had durin spring, im glad there were no major incedents throught out so cali, and the us
my back neighbors love to have roman cabdle fights. they have huge fireworks because the has "connections" with people who make them. he hasn't been caught...yet.
it depends on how much you want to kick ass. if i were you i would camp out and wait for the people to do it again. THEN go get some slayer style punches in.