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I was wondering if anyone here knew how to make maps? I think we should have some maps made from this clan, like cDc and the mario maps they modified.
If I knew how to make maps I would go crazy with it, but unfortunately I don't. However, there are a couple of cool Orange_ maps that other servers play on that would be fun once in a while. The normal Orange_ map gets a little boring, but there's better ones. Also, a map called dod_4_towers is awesome if you turn gravity down :p
I have always wanted to learn how to create maps. But whenever I download and run the map editors boardom take over. Photoshop is the same way for me.
I have no idea how to create maps for a game as advanced as DoD, I have done some for startcraft and other games like that but those arent anywhere near as complicated as DoD maps :D:D
Yeah, DoD maps have a lot of substance, backroads, sniper and MG positions and everything. We'd need someone experieinced in that kind of thing for any good maps.I'd like to see grimzors give it a try as its always good to get off ava for a while. Speaking of which, Kalt last night was fun
i was never able to figure out the mapmaker or mod maker for cs:s i kept on getting some kind of error...i really like that one map where its really dark at night and the wermacht starts on a hill looking down on like a farm or something..and theres alot of trees and a few big rocks....idk the name of the map i forget :D
If I made a map I wouldn't try to make it look like the WWII era, I'd probably make it a sick custom map like the Orange_ maps. If anyone has ever played Call of Duty United Offensive as long as I had over the years, you would definately have a taste for unique custom made maps. Some people in that game actually found a way to create custom weapons as well, like AK-47s and M4s :p That was a great server....lots of memories of that game.
We should make a DoD version of Scoutzknives from counterstrike Source, where nothing but snipers are allowed on the map. That would be fun
There are a TON of sniper-only servers in CoD with insanely good custom's as if they were made by the game developers, they're so good.
You guys are in luck. I have been trying to make maps for a few years but loose intrest or things just dont work out. I could show a bunch of people how to make maps. Its a long tedious process but if you are atistic, we can probably make some really cool ones. I can see that Grimzors is good with photoshop so that looks like a person that can help make a great map. I will post my own forum explaining more...
hey guys m gonna be back in like 3-4 days still on vacation... i can make maps pretty good, been makin maps for dod 1.6 and cs:s and medal of honour for a couple years.. pm me if uguys need help.. theese hotel comps suck.. w/e later gusy i only got like 2 minutes left on this thing
Yeah Noyade, your probably right about an all sniper map sucking in DoDS, but without doubt the best custom maps I have ever seen are the custom maps from the Q clan
server(s), I'm not sure if there ismore then one server, buit go to their server

Like I said, amazing custom maps, large, and full of material,
go there and I guarantee you'll have fun
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