=(eGO)= Commercial, last day of filming done...or is it?

Blazing Heat

EGO Is My Life!
So, today was officially the last day of filming for the =(eGO)= commercial and I thank all who made it to film and act in it and Cheese for the server.

We may be doing 3 more shots...at friday, saturday, sunday but right now I highly doubt it.

Our next project will propably be Red vs Blue styled =(eGO)= vs =(eG and e)=.

So, we will propably filming that when we get some kind of a schedule for all volunteers to make it... and what roles people want to be. Also I will finally film in it :) As a lonesome sniper who owns...or something else o_O

Anyway, for now I need to talk about that with Death and some other people and we'll see if it will ever happen...right now we don't even have a script.

And I will be probs be buying a mic tomorrow...so I it might mostly be mic talk filming...but then got to find a way to take off that pic of mic showing when someone talks...might be that hud clears that...not sure.
what is this about me? oh ok.....dang it stop telling them our secrets of doom....crap i have said too much...*flys away!*