=(eGO)= vs =(eG)= Red vs Blue Style (FILM WE ARE MAKING LATER), also e's accepted

Blazing Heat

EGO Is My Life!
=(eGO)= vs =(eG)= Red vs Blue Style (FILM WE ARE MAKING LATER), also e's accepted

So, we are currently planning on this new film series or just one film.....Red versus Blue, but eGO style (this is a open time schedule, we film when ever I am on, and when we have some kind of a script).
We will have propably a big plot, with lot's of humor,etc.

For a basic idea of what is Red vs Blue, check this:

Organizers: Blazing Heat, Death, Blue Cheese
Directors: Death, Blazing Heat
Script: Death (also Blazing Heat, Blue Cheese)
Actors: Blazing Heat, Death, Blue Cheese, i have no life, Pvt. Ryan, Hot Sauce, One Winged Angel, EvIlEmPiRe |-Px-|, classic, A-KILL-EEZ, Mst. Sgt. Meisster, Wanderer, Rogue Sniper, ELF, foodsplitter, LegendOfChaos13, boojala, Mann, RoM - [TR], Geco-Grancher [UK], Red|Monkey, Baron Rojo, Sergeant Stoff, Morbid, Nakag, S731K3R, Rambofirstblood, outlaw, Edge, GulfStream5, bradyfan_08, BLaZ3, Revelations (UK), Lucky, saOsiN [hXc]
Filmers: Blazing Heat, Blue Cheese, Morbid, Parakill, LegendOfChaos13 (I'd appreciate more helpers on this (we use fraps, can instruct))
Music: N/A YET
Ediror: N/A YET
SERVER: DoD MOVIE (IP: (from Blue Cheese) (we should have it up 24/7 :)

Also, we are going to do our version of that Intro they have at about 0:58 and at later parts.
Ranks(you may chose yours):
Team =(eGO)=(AXIS):
Commander: =(eGO)= Revelations (UK)
Strategist: =(eGO)=SaOsin [hXc]
Rifleman(s): =(e)= i have no life, =(e)= Edge
Assault(s): =(eGO)= boojala, =(eGO)=RoM - [TR], =(eGO)= saOsiN [hXc]
Support(s): =(e)= A-KILL-EEZ, =(e)= Geco-Grancher [UK]
Sniper(s): =(eGO)= Blazing Heat, =(e)= Pvt.Ryan, =(e)= Morbid
Machine Gunner(s): =(eGO)= Baron Rojo, =(eGO)=Revelations (UK)
Rocket(s): =(e)=GulfStream5
Scout(s)(only pistol usage)
Messenger: =(eGO)= Baron Rojo
Meleeist(s) (only knife, spade usage)
Suicide Nader(s) (Nades only):

Team =(eG)=(ALLIED):
Ranks(you may chose yours):
Commander: =(eG)= Death
Strategist: =(eG)= Blue Cheese
Rifleman(s): =(eG)= Rogue Sniper, =(eG)= ELF, =(e)= foodsplitter, =(e)= EvIlEmPiRe |-Px-|, =(e)=Rambofirstblood
Assault(s): =(eG)= One Winged Angel, =(eG)= Blue Cheese, =(eG)= bradyfan_08
Support(s): =(eG)= Mst. Sgt. Meisster, =(eG)= Wanderer, =(e)= outlaw, =(e)=Lucky
Sniper(s): =(eG)= Death
Machine Gunner(s): =(eG)= Sergeant Stoff
Rocket(s): =(eG)= LegendOfChaos13, =(eG)= Mann
Scout(s)(only pistol usage)
Messenger: =(eG)= One Winged Angel
Meleeist(s) (only knife, spade usage)
Suicide Nader(s) (Nades only): =(eG)= Hot_Sauce, =(e)= Nakag, =(eG)= BLaZ3
If more want some rank it can have more, NO LIMIT ON THEM! (not including commander, messenger, strategist)

- classic
- Red|Monkey
- S731K3R

Here is the form you join with (will be used when you are introduced on the film, a moving part where you do what your part is the way you do it)
(Mine as example)
NAME: =(eGO)= Blazing Heat
CLASS: Sniper
AGE(maybe optional): 17
COUNTRY: Finland
QUOTE/TITLE(pick one): QUOTE: "Here, have a cookie..WITH GRAPEFRUIT FILLING...what you mean....no?"
YOUR SPEAKING METHOD(mic, voice commands, mute): Hopefully Mic, otherwise Voice commands
Name: =(eG)=Death
Country: USA
quote: we arent retreating.... we are advancing in another direction or bow chicka bow wow
speaking method: mute
NAME: =(e)= i have no life
CLASS: Rifle
AGE: 15
COUNTRY: America
QUOTE: "Life can be short, shorter when I get on the battle field."
TEAM: Axis
Name: =(e)= Pvt.Ryan
Class: Sniper
Age: 16
Country: United States of America
Quote: "Here, Catch"
Speaking Method: Mic (To the lament of many. Some just feel intimidated by my smooth, entrancing voice...)
TEAM: Wehrmact
NAME: =(e)= classic
AGE: 15
COUNTRY: America
QUOTE: "The grenades are ready for cooking"
Name:=(eG)= Hot_Sauce
Class: Any class that i can suicide nade with
Age: 14
Country: United States
Quote: One who pees into strong wind gets wet.
Speaking method: Mic or keyboard
Name: =(e)= EvIlEmPiRe |-Px-|
Class: Support, Rifleman, Assualt
Age: 17
Quote: I see u have braces too so do i..
Speaking Method: Mic
Team: allied
CLASS: Support
AGE(maybe optional): 16
QUOTE/TITLE(pick one): QUOTE: "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?"
YOUR SPEAKING METHOD(mic, voice commands, mute): random voice commands

i request being on the axis team, thanks =) send me a PM filling me in on some more details if ya get the chance, id love to play a role in this.
NAME: =(eG)=Wanderer
CLASS: Support
AGE(maybe optional): 19
QUOTE/TITLE(pick one): QUOTE: "BOOM! Legshot!"
YOUR SPEAKING METHOD(mic, voice commands, mute): mic
NAME: =(eG)= Rogue Sniper
CLASS: Rifleman (or Support secondary choice)
AGE: 16
QUOTE: Oh, that wont feel good in the morning

YOUR SPEAKING METHOD(mic, voice commands, mute): voice cmds, can do mic 1 - 5 words before i lag
NAME: =(eG)= [ELF]
CLASS: Rifleman
AGE: 17
COUNTRY: America
QUOTE: "The garand only sucks if you do"
SPEAKING METHOD: Mic and keyboard
HEY, m not there! Wut my work isnt worth putting on the webpage? PUT FOODSPLITTER ON!
Name: Caelan
Age: 14, soon to be 15!
Country: USA
Quote: "Remember they may mock me...But the will NEVER glock me!"
Speaking Method: mic