1st annual eGO Blooper Awards


EGO Is My Life!
I was talking to someone in TS the other day about our "First Scrim" that went horribly wrong.

There was some clan that wanted to scrim us. I told them about our eGO trips and that we wouldn't mind doing a very informal scrim, but no league rules and no locking down the server.

They took that as a "yes" and went and got up about 15 guys to show up on the Ava server.

Well, I didn't get the word out to our guys that this clan might be showing up. I told some people about it, but I was busy. and didn't get the word out properly.

The other clan, I can't remember who it was SCX or something like that showed up wanting the server to be locked down. They were fooling around in the server and I was no where to be found. I had a 5 month old baby at the time and something came up (probably litterally).

So...with this mutal misunderstanding, tempers started flaring and they started acting like jerks. I think all 15 of those guys got banned from the server.

They got ahold of me on xfire and ripped into me. I ended up having to block about 5 or 6 guys.

Anyone remember that? I still feel terrible about it.

I think it was in our third or fourth month of operation.
Dude, I kept a low profile for a week or so cause I thought Tommy, Slayr or Arti was going to find out.
did johnT just call someone dude? woah...i guess he is human.. jk jk...but that sounds really bad
thats what i was thinking when i first read it. i was like this doesnt sound like him. lol, i know what you mean when people get pissed when you dont follow thru on something like that. mine wasnt game related but it still sucks to have a lot of people angry at you.
That sux, they couldnt act mature and had to bs around(excuse my french), what punks

Well maybe if at all the next scrim wont turn out that way
OOOOOO Sniper Kitten......now thats a good bedtime story!
John tell us about that one *sits down by the campfire* all the new guys never heard that one before :)
wow i just made a search about it and man sniper kitten is a 'STORY' the poll about her whether letting her join or not and the kitten no more thread is interesting...
Yeah the Sniper Kitty story has a couple of chapters to it. Like I said John is a master storyteller and he should tell it *still sitting by the campfire* to us :)