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Hey guys ... i am sorry to inform you but i will not be able to hit the game severs for a while because my bro is a douchbag and broke my comp. so i will only be able to see you guys through our site. hope this doesnt screw up my chances at a promotion... hope so see u guys soon!

what did he do to it? I'm an engineer and I'll be happy to advise on repairs if ya need help.

the first thing you should do is hit your brother about the head and shoulders for awhile so you'll be calm enough to make the repairs!
well i came home and the screen was black and my tower was still running... but i tried to get the monitor to work but it just stayed black. then i tried to restart my computer and it didnt work so i tried to turn it off completely and it still didnt work... so my dad just came and unplugged it. then he tower turned back on but the screen stayed black again so i was right back to square one so all we could do was leave it unplugged. so now i have to spend 1000$ just to get a good gaming laptop so i can play my games and use it for daily use because of his screw up
it didnt work ralph so i unno what to do but buy a new comp... anyways does anyone know if a cd key will work more then once or do i have to rebuy the whole package?..
cd key will work, but if the monitor didnt work on another computer then you have a monitor problem. try a different monitor before you go spend alot of money. If your comfortable with it, try reseating the video card just for grins. If not, I recommend going to a pc shop and having someone take a quick look at your current PC.
i already had a guy come in and look at it he said it was almost the same price as buying a new comp.... but im just gunna buy a personal laptop and use it for gaming...
Sounds like you really want a new computer...

Quack my thoughts excactly. For the price of a gaming laptop you can get a killer monitor and vid card.
dude wait a sec why do you need a cd key??? steam is accessible from any pc you just have to sign in to your account and download the games from the net

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