New Name......again

Fjord was a weird name and people just kept saying it wrong so i decided on a new name, "Wal-Mart Security", its kindof an inside thing on this one round i played, The Cake Is A Lie should know what im talking about =P
Best Watch out, I hear K-mart is coming for ya! :D

On a more somber note. Tonight, on the beaches of Normandy, Wal-Mart security made a tremendous stand against those trying to steal the paper products in aisle 12. It was an effort unlike any other, many warnings were issued and a baton was waved.
Ahhh wal-mart security. Gotta love those hold ups. Your the only security gaurd on duty with 10 guys with kar 98s all around taken every plasma screen in the store. Anyway wal-mart security good name