100 Objectives!!!

Well i finally did it... :p not only 100 objectives but a positive K:D ratio...my life is complete lol. Just thought i would share it with you guys.

lol look at my score ooooo yeah 89-16! woot (not as good as kamphy)

Do that with assault weapons and I'll be really impressed.
i got 200 on ava once.

Youre not only the post king but the cap king too lol
my record is 103 at anzio, but legend im pretty mad at you right now

1. you beat my record
2. you took the screen shot RIGHT after i left with my dominating 64 caps, 81 kills, and 30 deaths....and i didnt even use sniper or MG =P
and 3. im almost always the one with the most caps when im playing, so i was jealous hahaha
Nice one man but your life is complete im sure you'v got a lot more living to do :p
my best is like 103 caps and 123- 85 Which is ok for me