so im getting a new guitar but i cant decide on which one my choices are (starting from the top
1. ESP James Hetfield Truckster (masterofpuppets would like this one)
2. LTD Viper
3. LTD EC-1000 (I prefer this one)



Please say why you think i should get it not just "it is pretty"
I don't know anything bout guitars lol . Can't help you there. The 3rd one I would pick cause it's the nicest.

*EDIT* I didn't vote though...

I say EC-1000. However, my true vote would be for an american made fender strat. Why? because I am classy like that.

(speaking of, does anyone want to buy a left handed fender strat?) :D
Jackson and Gibson both sued the crap out of ESP in the mid 90's and won. As a result their ESP(Jap made artist series guitars)/LTD(made in Indonesia and Korea) flagship guitars (Les Paul/Ecllipse, SG/Viper, Explorer/Exp) all had to be redesigned to what they are today. Personally, I like the ESP look over the Gibsons (except the Explorer. I hate the Exp).
yeah your right master, i like the viper more than the sg, i didnt get the truckster tho sorry i got the EC 1000
I would have done the same thing. I really like the Ec's. I like the LTD Truckster, but James' other artist series axe's are soooo much better. I'm holding out for a JH-1 or JH-2 when I can actually afford to buy one. Last 1 I saw on eBay went for 4 grand. Haven;t seen a 2 on in a while, and I've yet to see a 3 or a Grynch.

......my future wife is going to hate me. Lol.
yeah i was lookin at the KH ones too those look pretty cool but wouldnt it be ill to have James' flying v with the green lightning
I started playing guitar earlier this year myself. I have Guitar Hero I and II and decided to give the real thing a try! I've not played GH since I got my Jay Turser strat-copy guitar.

I personally love the black archtop there - the last one. SG's don't do anything for me.

And if you buy from a shop they can set it up for you - buying online (as I did) you get the guitar from a box and have to take it in to a shop to have it set up anyway, so whatever money you save online gets spent at a guitar shop, usually anyway. Plus, you can try them out at a guitar shop.

I actually want to get a LP style gee-tar here soon, in the under$300 range, though, so it'll probably be another Jay Turser or a used Epiphone prolly.

Before I die, I want a Dimebag Darrell model. Wicked sick. Hey, and what about the Gibson Corvus? [link=hyperlink url]http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/3865/1712/1600/gibsoncorvusIII.1.jpg[/link]
One other thing: check this site before you decide:
[link=hyperlink url]http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar[/link]

Real people giving their real opinions and reviews of pretty much every guitar under the sun.
ESP LTD EC-1000 @ Musician's Friend
Manufacturer URL http://www.espguitars.com/
Features 9.5 (43 responses)
Sound 9.4 (42 responses)
Action, Fit, & Finish 8.7 (42 responses)
Reliability/Durability 9.2 (39 responses)
Customer Support 6.9 (9 responses)
Overall Rating 9.2 (39 responses)

ESP LTD Hetfield Truckster @ Musician's Friend
Manufacturer URL http://www.espguitars.com/
Features 9.7 (6 responses)
Sound 9.7 (6 responses)
Action, Fit, & Finish 9.3 (6 responses)
Reliability/Durability 9.7 (6 responses)
Customer Support N/A (0 responses)
Overall Rating 9.8 (6 responses)
A Truckster is not a stage guitar. You buy an artist series for the sake of having one, not to play on stage. You don;t want to put a guitar like that through the regular wear and tear of gigs.