My new guitar

I can't see the headstock - is it a Fender or a Squier? Mexican Strats are awesome. A midnight wine Mexican Strat was my first geetar. A lot of people will bad mouth the Mexican line of Fender, I love them. My deluxe p-bass is Mexican which is AWESOME because the blue paint is illegal in the states do to health hazards but it's legal in Mexico. Haha. %-6
yeah i like it, i wouldnt get it personally because i never really liked strats (yeah i know) but so many people use them, i like G&L's better because they were made by Leo fender after he founded fender but left, look up the story i cant explain it all here, im thinkin of getting an ESP check out my thread just above this one
outbreak my new mic is on full volume in and out of game. dam duck said he could hear me fine which means u pobably have to turn ur inbox volume up :)

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