Fireworks go BOOOM


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so i was out shooten an artilery shel(fireworks not the real thing duh) I run out into the middle of the mahem and set up my tube. As im droppen it in some1 about 6 ft away had a mortar shell (firework not the real thing) explode in the tube hitting me in the head. Yes it hurt and man i was mad but i got my firework off and it was the greatest boom ive ever seen. Word to the wise every1 should shoot fireworks u only live once
i dont even use the mortar tubes. i just throw em like grenades into the river, the fuse is long enough. also, if you have a room that isnt flamable, toss one in there and watch it light up. if any of you have access to an abandoned grain tower or something of the sort, thats perfect.

edit: that room probably shouldnt be part of your house.
my friend has some property with an abandond grain tower on it so since its completely matal and theres nothing in it we just tossed a couple mortars in there to see how loud it would be. it was pretty cool, when the whole room lit up for a couple seconds. trust me, we're kinda safe in what we do, as safe as you can be while still messing around.