Windows Vista vs Linux Ubuntu

I have yet to see a microsoft product that works as well as the equivalent UNIX based system. DOS was nice for it's day.
do you need linux for that?

Yes, you do. In fact, I'm on it right now (and using beryl). But Beryl has now merged with Compiz (beryl is a fork of compiz) and the project is now called Compiz Fusion. You might wanna look up videos for Compiz Fusion instead.
if i want to try it do i have to re-format?
No. Basically, you have some options.
1) Install Wubi, like Gutfunk suggested (it basically installs like a normal Windows program according to the site)
2) Download and burn the official Ubuntu OS. When you boot up the CD, it loads up Ubuntu into your RAM, allowing you to use the OS without installing it onto your hard drive. At this point, you can activate "Desktop Effects" for Ubuntu (which is Compiz, not Beryl) and try it out. No installation needed to try it out.
If you install Wubi you can boot up either Linux or Windows and uninstall Linux at any time as it appears as an installed program.
check this whenever i go to stores that sell vista computers i turn all the graphics back down to windows me style. I find it easier to look at. I hate the "pretty view. Alls it does it space.
heh, the good thing is that linux desktop environments are easily customizable. I try to keep my desktop pretty simplistic but I like to keep the window effects at the same time. :p

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