[poll] Here it is! Edge Gamers Organization CoMERCIAL IS HERE!!!!


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Finnaly, after all this hard work, we have come up with the production of an edge gamers organization comercial. THanks to all of our members hard work who came in for movie screenings, special thanks to blazing heat, we couldnt have done this without him, death tahnk you also, one winged angel, im osrry i couldnt get you into the clips, i didnt know which one you were dueling in, (PM ME FOR ANOTHER, i'll make u a movie tooo ;D) and thank you Edge Gamers Organization, for living life on the edge!

**i feel like this is a Acadamy award or something** anyway if it was i'd nominate myself! as BEST ACTOR for dod:S >:D

i couldn't squeeze the comercial into time for our aniversery, but what the hell, its quailty taht matters ;D

after studying countless video comercials i have finnaly came up with this, tell me how u think it is.

Nice Work naniekso. You did this kinda fast after my pm I presume since it's missing the latest clips (uploading them right now) and the intro text and thank you messages :) So later we have to do another one of that...or eGO commercial nr2.
[quote1183739271=ROCKET CHUMP]
Nice, loved the song, is it from the 300 soundtrack?

If we do an updated version with latest shots...we will def use that music....and maybe fit in One Winged Angel music (we never got to do the scene...yet)
nice work guys well done!!!.... i was in that... right at the end u see the 2 guys with mgs running i was the main guy that the camera was focused on!!!
danny(=naniekso) dude why don't you use one of your own songs bro? yeah even though they are more clubbing style and not my style i wish we could use eGO sources as much as we can
You need some hard core metal or somethin like some head bangin ass kickin music. Yall need to do like a pwn movie or somethin. Like some of eGO clan pwning in the servers lol.
is very nice(borat accent). i agree with ralph nader but im sure g4 is a lil cocky and think it would be bad or something. gj guys keep up the good workkk

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