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Man...My 4th was bleh but awesome. So ya my bright self decided to go to the Inner Harbor to see the 4th of july fireworks since I never had while I lived here. So I grab muh gal and her friend. my friend jay as well. First off traffic is horrible like always and parking sparce. We finally park and start walking towards federal hill(big ass hill on other side of harbor perfect place to see everything). We get up there find a seat blah blah. Well it starts lightning pretty bad and it was drizzling on an off for about an hour. Well it comes to being like 10 minutes till the show and a god forsaken hurricane pretty much dropped on us for 30 minutes. I got SOAKEED and we were atleast a 15 minute walk from the car. The girls were all screaming cause they had their cell phones and stuff. Personally I don't mind the rain but it sucked cause of the phones...so ya we start heading back and it stops of course. We eventually saw the fireworks but we looked like drowned rats...now my sister's car smells funny cause 4 wet people sat in it for an hour on the way home..hehe..
Harm city folk should know to stay outta the harbor for the 4th. I used to work at Phillips harborplace. What a nightmare. I spent my evening getting drunk and laying down some MG fire from Hamden, hon.
danm it i hate my home town too emoraiden...its baltimore =/. you know that we are the 2nd most dangerous city in the country rite? anyways that suks for u. we had some small tnts and saw some fireworks from the country club
lol...i dont think so corp. still sometimes its fun to get soaked when its warm rain which the rain was in the middle of warm and cold
So yeah i had to work on the fourth. got to sit at work and drink some beers with some co-workers though, it was fun. also we watched people light fireworks in the parkin lot.
actually they had alot of fun just were freaked out because they had cell phones. There pretty chill plus i told my girl she looked sexy all wet haha

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