FOOTBALL- Daunte v Leftwich


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***I posted this in the fantasy football forum forgetting that only 16 people have acces to it.***

Well, in about 2 weeks or so, Culpepper will either be released of his contract by Miami and sign with Jacksonville, or Jax will give up a late round pick for him.

I don't believe Culpepper is the same QB we all saw light it up 3 years ago in Minnesota. I think he spent too much time on the sidelines to be an effective starting QB and I don't think his pride will let him accept the fact that he's going to be an overpaid backup.

The anticipated move to Jacksonville is hardly an upgrade from the current slow wind up of Lord Byron Leftwich. I honestly don't believe it would be downgrading the offense either. Jacksonville's pass rush is just as crappy as Miami's, their receivers have issues catching the ball and asking a crippled Daunte to scramble is like asking Vinny Testeverde to jump out of his wheelchair and dance a jig.


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