FOOTBALL - Superbowl Predictions (Patriots not allowed)


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Seriously though, as much as I've been reading over the news stories and watching the offseason moves, I'm having a REALLY tough time making the prediction this year.

I like San Diego and KC for the AFC and St. Louis in the NFC.

I know these aren't the most popular of predictions, but they're mine dammit and I'm sticking with them.
Sadly I don't think my Steelers will do well this year. I think Arizona will improve, but not a contender yet. I might be watching out for the Giants or Da Bears.
awww yeah forty niners are going all the way. I actually saw in an article that the 49ers are ranked for a tie for first in their division.
lol yay another hapless Fin Fan.

I think the 49ers will improve, but still miss the playoffs.
The iggles?!?!?

Can't say that I concur. Especially not with crapbag AJ Feely there to pick up McNabb's amputated arm.
there are only two good things about the dolphins. #1 Jason Taylor. #2 Zack Thomas. Other than that, I hate the dolphins haha. I won't say my AFC prediction because you all already know it. For the NFC, its a tough choice, but i'm going with the Saints