Keyboard error!


EGO Is My Life!
So i got my Nintendo PC together and i booted it up only to get a keyboard error. It asks me to press F1 to continue but neither a USB or a PS 2 keyboard works for it. any ideas?

is there any way i can bypass this error message?
I can't imagine why it would do that for both USB and PS/2. Is your BIOS working fine?
It could be something to do with the actuall board itself make sure everything inside looks up to par

That's whwat I thought too but what are the chances of USB -and- PS2 going out together?
well the usb not working is understandable. Its a new computer and i have yet to install an OS on it. I bet that it just doesnt have drivers for usb yet. but the PS 2 should work, i will probably send it back.
Yea it has to be some problem with a conection or something because i cant see anything else being wrong... its deffinitly not the keyboard...right? Or posssibly the motherboard is sitting incorrectly inside the nintendo....idk what else could be wrong