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Well RGC (clan I was in) has merged with another clan as many of you may know. The name has been changed to The Coalition of the Decieved Rivals (I'm not too fond of the name) CDR for short. The new tag has been decided to be


Just wanted to see how you guys like the name and tag
More of those weird letters :mad:.

what he said

it's not something that jumps at your face with a clear =|TR|=, or -=R|P=-, or =(eGO)=, or |4W|... personally i would just ignore your tag all together because you don't usually stare at a person's weird characters trying to decypher what they really mean in a game such as DoD. yes yes, i know it's just three lousy characters, but that's enough to make me ignore you :)

hmm, on the other hand, it works great! keep it :D
At the very least, he's not boring :p. On the other hand, if you wonder why I'm playing Eve or Gunz instead of source it's his fault. Although I find it interesting that his one post about waiting for the eve expansion led to this, since he doesn't even play source.
I think it sucks, it's a disgrace to the entire gaming community, and it makes me sick to know you. ROFL just kidding, it's pretty cool. :D
Yea Noxus, I think I know someone who would be glad to agree with everything you just said except the just kidding part, but tags aren't always supposed to be readable. This is one of those cases where the sole puropse is to look cool and look the same thoughout the clan.
A tag is supposed to be the identifying mark of a clan. If you can't identify the tag, it goes into the I don't know what gibberish that is and I won't remember it. I personally just skip over the weird letters, so if someone's tag or name consists entirely of them, it has the opposite effect. Hence what Yuri said. Nothing real personal against people who use them, although I know we aren't on the same page. Just because it's different from the standard, doesn't mean it's better or more cool than the easily readable clan tags. I mean, looking at your tag I can't even understand why the little | is between the C and D(surely it can't mean 'of the'), yet nothing is in between the D and R. It just looks cluttered to me, simplicity on the other hand is a powerful thing my friend.
Yea I see all of your guys' point(s). I am gonna try and push for the option of having regular letters, and we won't have a choice on any battlefield games anyways, its really just day of dfeat and counterstrike that support crazy letters.
Yea BF2 is made up of mostly U.S. players and we don't know where all those letters come from anyway :mad:
the one thing i wonder about is why dont they use korean letters? that would be kool it would be like
=(구결향찰이두)=toothpaste :p (i seriously dont know what it means.. i just got some words off the internet.. but i am korean and i can read it but just cant understand it)
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