Movies and terrible sketches

- This is TIB, or Insanity. He's been a reoccurring character in many of my short stories and comics [He's even a titular character in an upcoming comic, 'Tib and Ricky's non-sexy adventures']

I draw lots of screwed up monsters, and usually toss them out. Except for the host-bodies arms, I was actually proud of this one. I almost spent some time to animate it as well, where the host body tips over and then the creature growing out runs and drags the body off with it. The only other of my monsters I kept was Ash from the Evil Dead, except his skull had broken off into a triffid-like plant. Dunno where it is though.

Next up, I have movies. I had 5 major series, but now there is only 3 still in active production. The first series, is the 'Pedophile #3' movies, which have actually been building towards a plot, but even so, have no plot at all. It concerns an inbred nazi family that consists of Afro-Nazi, Pedophile #3, Billy [Who is both Pedophile #3's son and father], The Air [who defected from the family] and The Fugly Duckling [who is also the fugly ape and the fugly insect]. Then there is the Moonface & Ratface series. Moonface & Ratface are a pair of mercenaries for hire [currently under employment by the mafia don Oldy McGee] that are always killing each other [there is no plot continuum in these movies] for some reason or another. There is like 70 something Moonface & Ratface films, but only 2 are online. Then there is Bastardman! [Warning: Excessive foul language used in series] which is about a superhero who is a total bastard. He and his sidekick fight villians like The Stroker, Emo McGee, The Flamingo, and Mrs. Dr. Pepper. We made a pilot, but me and my brothers have decided to make it a web-series, an episode produced every 2 weeks. Episode 1 isn't out yet, but the pilot is still available for viewing until them.

If you want to watch them, here they are!
[link=] When Toilet Cleaners Go Wild[/link]
[link=] When Nazis Dont Gargle Their Mouthwash (A.K.A. Knee Rapists In Space!)[/link]
[link=] When Chickens Drink Dish Soap![/link]
[link=] When Swedish Nannies Go Wild (The Trailer) [/link]

[link=] Cheese Flavoured Ham[/link]
[link=] Criminy Jicket[/link]

[link=]Pilot Episode (The Rise of The Stroker)[/link]
lol ? those are pretty messed :p


TIB is a self portrait of my love for insanity, so I don't see why that's weird..

But the second one... Anyone know what amitriptyline is? When I was prescribed that crap I hallucinated :( That's when I started drawing things like this.

This thing ain't a drawing, obviously, but I've made some of my monsters in gMod as well...

I remade it once gMod 10 came out, and was able to actually make it shamble, and I gave that version arms, courtesy of the headspack...
uhh the movies are just people screaming into the mic

Yeah, the earliest ones I did are mostly screaming... I didn't realize how sensitive my mic was, and I do yell in parts of some of the others, but if you listen to the dialogue they are actually saying things, even though it's usually pretty stupid.